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Welcome to our captivating photo section! We want to assure you that every individual featured on our website has provided explicit permission to be showcased. Rest assured, all participants are above the age of 18, and their consent, whether verbal or written, has been duly obtained by NYCFetishes.

Please take note of our commitment to discretion and privacy. In respect of the confidential nature of our business, we refrain from displaying faces in our pictures. We hold the privacy of our clients in high regard, allowing them to visit our location or be seen in public with us/me without compromising their confidentiality. If discretion is not something you value, we kindly ask that you refrain from contacting us.

In addition to our commitment to discretion, please be aware that our pictures are not professionally taken to maintain authenticity. What you see is a genuine representation of who we are, embracing the realistic nature of our offerings. We assure you that our attractiveness will leave you thoroughly satisfied.

You may come across photos featuring slaves without masks, a rarity unless specified by your desires. We encourage our slaves to be discreet and welcome the capturing of moments during sessions. Get ready to indulge and enjoy the visual journey with us!


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