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Extended Chastity Keyholding


$200 Deposit / $100 Daily


I offer a discreet and professional keyholding service for individuals seeking a heightened level of self-discipline and control. My services cater to those who are either new to or experienced in chastity, ensuring a secure and consensual experience.

For those without their own chastity device, our Keyholding service provides the ideal solution. A $200 Initial deposit secures your place, where I take the responsibility of safeguarding your key with utmost seriousness. I am committed to maintaining confidentiality and respecting your boundaries throughout the entire process.

Additionally, for clients opting to leave the device on, a daily fee of $100 ensures ongoing keyholding services, reinforcing your commitment to the experience. My approach is centered on trust, communication, and understanding, creating an environment where your journey in extended chastity is both secure and fulfilling.


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