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Financial Domination

Welcome to the realm of Financial Domination – where the name of the fetish speaks volumes!

If you consider yourself a "financial slave," take note:

  • You are not a true financial slave if you set your own demands.

  • Thinking I will conform to your rules is a misconception; I operate on my terms.

  • Failure to follow simple directions or reluctance to pay is a deal-breaker. It's as simple as that!

If any of these points pose an issue for you, I recommend sticking to a regular session rather than attempting financial domination. I am exceptionally strict and uphold any contract you sign with me.

I am not interested in what you can't do for me; I am solely focused on your unequivocal response: "YES MISTRESS."

Come worship, serve and obey – with your wallet.

Serious about serving me financially? Prove it:

For financial slaves: be open, ready, and willing to serve and obey. Failure to follow directions will not be tolerated.

I demand a slave who truly understands the meaning of submission. Bow at my feet and acknowledge your place below me – I am your Queen, Your God, Your EVERYTHING. Worship me and provide everything my heart desires, pitiful slave.

Prove you are worthy of my divine grace. No time for tire kickers; this is for the real submissive who comprehends the meaning of servitude.

Are you a financial slave who understands the true power dynamic of Financial Slavery?

Experience the true meaning of serving with no questions asked: to be broken down mentally, where you breathe, eat and sleep only me!

I am infinite, I am divine – now drop to your knees and bow before me. I am the DEFINITION OF A GODDESS.

If you truly understand the idea of Financial RAPE, I will tear your wallet inside out. Prove yourself, worthless one! Fill me with happiness by fulfilling my desires!

Broke Vanilla Tourist Types, stay away. I am into Complete Power Exchange.

I am not interested in your pleasure; I prefer to keep my slaves in chastity. Your world no longer exists – you are here to serve me!

Short Term | Cash Meets Starts at $600 Deposit required.

FINANCIAL DOMINATION STARTS AT $2,500. Deposit required.

Financial Slavery involves buying dominant gifts, paying bills, rent, real estate, travel, etc. For those seeking financial domination without commitment, Tributes/Gifts on demand are mandatory.

Collaring and Ownership:

For Financial pigs, Financial Humiliation, Cash Cows, Piggie Banks, Wallet Sodomy, Pay Pigs, Financial Slavery, Cum Tax, Small Penis Tax, Financial RAPE, Financial Servitude, Money Slaves, Wallet Rape and Human ATM.

Consensual Realist Blackmail:

Submissives must engage in tasks; failure to comply will result in public humiliation. Threatening emails and texts will serve as a constant reminder of your submission.

Consensual Interrogation Kidnapping/Extortion for Information:

For serious players, information provided will be used against you, including photos/videos of compromising actions. Your ID and address proof are required; any breach will lead to embarrassment and potential loss.

A video stating your free will is mandatory for remote Financial Domination. An agreement must be signed before consensual blackmail/kidnapping role play begins.

Once you agree to the Financial Domination Agreement, no excuses for non-payment will be accepted.


This can range from light financial domination to complete financial ruin.


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