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Rules of Engagement

Rules Of Engagement

Booking Etiquette:

When Booking an Appointment Keep in mind


Before scheduling your appointment, kindly adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Respect My Role:

    I am a Mistress, a Goddess, a Domina—passionate about my craft. I do not entertain time-wasters, storytellers, or flakes.

  2. Fetish and BDSM Focus:

    • All appointments strictly revolve around fetishes and BDSM. Please ensure you are well aware of this before booking.

  3. Immediate Appointments:

    Immediate appointments are available with a minimum notice of 30 minutes to an hour. In the fast-paced environment of NYC, seize the opportunity and don't hesitate to secure your spot.

  4. Same-Day Appointments:

    Same-day appointments are available. First come, first to serve.

  5. Cancellation Policy:

    Be mindful of the mandatory deposit. Any failure to arrive within 1 hour of your original appointment time will result in cancellation without a refund.

  6. Professional Communication:

    Maintain professionalism in your communication. Familiarize yourself with the lifestyle of fetishes and BDSM before reaching out.

  7. Contact Protocol:

    If I am engaged in a session I am unable to respond to calls or text messages, please persist in your attempt to reach out. I value the time of both myself and those I engage with; hence, if I am momentarily unavailable, I refrain from answering my phone. To schedule an appointment, it is imperative that you place a call, as emails and text messages are only taken into serious consideration only when accompanied by a tribute.

  8. Ceased Communication Reasons:

    • Suspected fakes or flakes will have communication ceased immediately.

    • Storytellers will not be taken seriously. For sharing experiences, consider a phone session via our NiteFlirt numbers. otherwise, communication will be terminated.

  9. Privacy Matters:

    It is important to understand that discretion and privacy are highly valued in my profession. Under no circumstances will I ever show my face in film, video, or pictures. Additionally, pictures are not professional and are for realism purposes only. We prioritize and uphold the utmost privacy and discretion. Our commitment to your confidentiality is unwavering, reflected in our policy of never showcasing our faces online. Rest assured that all footage, videos, and pictures associated with our brand will strictly adhere to this principle, ensuring your privacy remains our top priority.

  10. Non-Negotiable Rates:

    • Rates are non-negotiable and as listed. No sessions are free or on credit. Deposits are non-refundable.

    If you have any issues or concerns with my policies or expectations, please refrain from contacting me. It is essential that you are professional in your communication and understand the lifestyle of fetishes and BDSM before booking an appointment.

    Thank you for respecting these guidelines as we embark on a professional and mutually enjoyable experience.


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