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Video Chat Sessions


10 Mins

Solo session $120 / 10mins

Double Dom $160/ 10mins

  • Explore the realm of BDSM and Fetish Domination through immersive video sessions with Mistress V, Master Victor, or both. Our discreet and engaging sessions are accessible via Skype, Duo, Instagram, Telegram, and more.

Solo video sessions commence at $120 for a compelling 10-minute experience, while the dynamic duo sessions are priced at $160.

Secure your session seamlessly through Cash.App/$NYCF.

Explore our exclusive world of utmost privacy and discretion. Unveiling an unparalleled experience where confidentiality is our utmost priority. Rest assured, your privacy is safeguarded to the highest degree. Our commitment is reflected in the fact that our faces remain unseen in any online platform. Every piece of footage, video, and picture is curated with meticulous attention, ensuring absolute anonymity. Join us in a realm where privacy meets perfection – a haven where your confidentiality is priceless.


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