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Fetish Menu


Welcome to a realm of unparalleled fantasies and tailored experiences. Our carefully curated menu caters to a discerning clientele seeking a journey into the extraordinary. Explore the depths of desire with our exquisite offerings:

  • REAL CUCKOLD (Cleanup) - Unleash the allure of forced consumption.

  • CUCKOLD FANTASY - Embark on a captivating journey of fantasy.

  • EXTREME CUCKOLD CONDO SLAVES -  * Refer to Rates Explore the depth of your fantasies with being a live-in slave.

  • NON-NUDE SMOTHERING - Immerse yourself in an experience beyond the visual.

  • ARMPIT WORSHIP - Discover the art of sensual worship.

  • VOYEURISM - Experience live-in person up close voyeurism, personalized scenarios, surpassing any cinematic encounter. Choose any theme and let your creativity run wild.

  • COMPLETE POWER EXCHANGE - Surrender to the ultimate exchange of dominance and submission.

  • CHASTITY - Embrace the thrilling world of chastity play.

  • T&D (Tease and Denial) - Delve into the intoxicating dance of pleasure and restraint.

  • BRATTY PLAY - Indulge in playful dynamics that ignite punishment..

  • KEYHOLDING -  * Refer to Rates for personalized keyholding services.

  • SHOPPING/GIFT SLAVES - Explore the joy of serving through gifting.

  • CUCKOLD HUMILIATION DINNERS - Experience the unique blend of pleasure and humiliation. * Refer to Rates

  • HOLE STRETCHING - Push boundaries with an exploration of limits.

  • ATM (Ass to Mouth) - Engage in a daring encounter with this intimate act.

  • URETHRAL SOUNDS DILATORS - Elevate sensory experiences with precision play.

  • Mommy and Daddy (ADULT BABY ROLEPLAY) - Enter a world of nurturing and care.

  • SELF FACIALS - Discover a realm of self-indulgence.

  • SEXTORTION - Succumb to the thrilling dynamics of coercion and desire.

  • STRAPPLAY/TOY PLAY (PEGGING) - Explore a spectrum of sizes for a tailored experience.

  • DOUBLE TEAM DOMINATION - Surrender to the intensity of dual domination.

  • SUFFOCATION - Experience controlled breath play for an exhilarating encounter.

  • FARTING -  * Refer to Rates for this unique and personalized experience.

  • SISSY/SLUT TRAINING PLAY - Transform and embrace a new persona.

  • CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) - Discover the art of sensual pain and pleasure.

  • CORPORAL PUNISHMENT - Surrender to the impact of exquisite discipline.

  • HUMAN FURNITURE - Explore the art of becoming a living masterpiece.

  • BRANDING -  * Refer to Rates for a unique V mark of ownership.

  • HIGH HEEL WORSHIP - Revel in the sensuality of heel worship.

  • TRAMPING - Experience the intense pressure of bare feet or heels.

  • PANTYHOSE/STOCKING WORSHIP - Dive into the allure of hosiery.

  • CONSENSUAL INTERROGATION KIDNAPPING ROLEPLAY - Engage in a thrilling narrative of intrigue.

  • HOT WAX - Experience the sensual dance of warm wax on the skin.

  • FEMINIZATION - Embrace the transformative journey of femininity.

  • ICE CUBE TORTURE - Explore the exhilarating sensations of ice play.

  • HUMAN DOG/PIG ROLEPLAY - Immerse yourself in a world of primal instincts.

  • CONSENSUAL FORCED INTOXICATION - Surrender to the intoxicating allure of consented intoxication.

  • SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION - Engage in playful and humiliating yet intense dynamics.

  • NIPPLE TORTURE - Experience the artistry of sensual pain.

  • MOUTH SOAPING - Surrender to the unique sensation of mouth soaping.

  • FORCED EATING OF FOOD - Indulge in a controlled culinary experience.- Experience the unique thrill of forced feeding.

  • SENSORY DEPRIVATION - Surrender to the all-encompassing experience of sensory deprivation.

  • FOOT WORSHIP FETISH - From caressing to licking, sucking, and massage, indulge in the spectrum of sensations. including dirty, sweaty, or stinky experiences.

  • HUMILIATION - Verbal, written, and physical forms of exquisite humiliation.

  • BONDAGE - Experience the art of restraint in a controlled and exhilarating environment.

  • SLAPPING - Submit to the stinging pleasure of skilled slapping.

  • SPITTING, DROOLING - Explore the intimate acts of spitting and drooling.

  • TICKLING - Bondage style or loose, tickling adds a playful element to your experience.

  • SPANKING - With hand, paddle, or whip, over the knee or otherwise.

  • GOLDEN SHOWER - Body or directly into your mouth, explore the depths of intimate watersports.

  • RACE HUMILIATION - Engage in consensual exploration of race dynamics.

  • PANTY FETISH (SCENT PLAY) - Dive into the captivating world of scent play with dirty, sweaty, or other options.

  • CROSSDRESSING - Embrace the transformative power of crossdressing.

  • SCENT PLAY - Immerse yourself in the intoxicating allure of scent play.

  • CUSTOM VIDEOS -  * Refer to Rates Capture your unique experiences with personalized solo or session videos.

  • BROWN (TOILET SLAVE) - * Refer to Rates for this unique and intense experience.

  • FISTING -  * Refer to Rates for the exploration of this intimate act.

  • RUBIES -  * Refer to Rates for a unique encounter.

Our offerings are extensive, and if you don't find your desired fetish listed, simply inquire, as we cater to a wide range of preferences. Elevate your desires and explore the extraordinary with us.


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