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Welcome to a realm of unparalleled fantasies and tailored experiences. Our carefully curated menu caters to a discerning clientele seeking a journey into the extraordinary. Explore the depths of desire with our exquisite offerings:

You have the flexibility to incorporate multiple fetishes into your play session. Select the type of session you prefer, and the corresponding rate will apply. All fetishes listed below are included in the standard session rate unless specified otherwise with "Refer to rates" which is a different rate than the standard.

Booking Information

Deposits are always required if you are outside of NYC and if it takes over 45 minutes for me to travel to you inside of NYC.

Location Information



Sexting | Phone Sessions Rates

You can call directly with a payment from Zellepay or Cash.App/$Nyc

or through

  • Rate: $100 | 10mins Phone Session | $ 100 | 30min Sexting Session


Play Session Rates

Solo Session:

  • Choose your Dom: Choose either Mistress V or Master Victor. This is a complete private solo one-on-one session with the Dom you choose.

  • Rate: $600 per hour

Dual Session: Double Team Domination | Cuckold | Voyeurism

  • Doms: Both Mistress V and Master Victor. This is a 2 on 1 session with both Mistress V and Master Victor.

  • Rate: $800 per hour


Couples' Play Session Rate:

Bring your significant other into your play session for an enhanced experience.

  • Rate: $1,000 per hour


Extreme No Safety Word Rate:

This session is designed to be intense and uncompromising, conducted without a safety word and continuing relentlessly until completion.

  • Rate: $1,000 per hour


Farting Rate:

In a Session that includes farting a deposit is required. I have to prepare for this type of session.

  • Rate: $1,000 per hour


Fisting | Footing Rate:

In a session that includes fisting or footing.

  • Rate: $1,000 per hour


Branding Rate:

In a session that includes branding, our iconic "V" mark will be permanently applied to your skin through a precise and controlled process.

  • Rate: $1,000 per hour


Rubies Rate:

In a session that includes rubies which is only available once a month for a total of 4 days, a deposit is required.

  • Rate: $1,000 per hour


Brown Showers | Full toilet Play Rate:

In a session that includes full toilet a deposit is required. I have to prepare for this type of session. which can include full consumption or forced consumption.

  • Rate: 1,500 per hour | 3-hour session $3,000


Public Play Session Rate:

In a public setting, this includes any outdoor setting where the session is taken public outside the comfort of being private behind closed doors. This session may be in public however discretion is still considered. A deposit is required.

  • Rate: $2,500 per hour


Extreme Shopping | Financial Domination | Wallet Draining Rate:

In this session, it can be done in public or private. A deposit is required.

  • Rate: $2,500 per hour


Extreme Cuckold | Financial Domination Rate:

In this session, it can be in public or private. A deposit is required.

  • Rate: $2,500 per hour


Live-in Cuckold Condo Slave Rate:

In this session, we will live in your location or you will live in ours this can be long term or short term. A deposit is required.

  • Rate: $8,000


Financial Domination | Cash Meets Rate:

Deposit Required.


Extended Play Rate:

OverNight | 2 Day | 3 Day | 7 Days

Deposit Required.


  • REAL CUCKOLD (Cleanup) - Unleash the allure of forced consumption.

  • CUCKOLD FANTASY - Embark on a captivating journey of fantasy.

  • EXTREME CUCKOLD CONDO SLAVES -  * Refer to Rates Explore the depth of your fantasies of being a live-in slave.

  • NON-NUDE SMOTHERING - Immerse yourself in an experience beyond the visual.

  • ARMPIT WORSHIP - Discover the art of sensual worship.

  • VOYEURISM - Experience live-in person up close voyeurism, and personalized scenarios, surpassing any cinematic encounter. Choose any theme and let your creativity run wild.

  • COMPLETE POWER EXCHANGE - Surrender to the ultimate exchange of dominance and submission.

  • CHASTITY - Embrace the thrilling world of chastity play.

  • T&D (Tease and Denial) - Delve into the intoxicating dance of pleasure and restraint.

  • BRATTY PLAY - Indulge in playful dynamics that ignite punishment..

  • KEYHOLDING -  * Refer to Rates for personalized keyholding services.

  • SHOPPING/GIFT SLAVES - Explore the joy of serving through gifting.

  • CUCKOLD HUMILIATION DINNERS - Experience the unique blend of pleasure and humiliation. * Refer to Rates

  • HOLE STRETCHING - Push boundaries with an exploration of limits.

  • ATM (Ass to Mouth) - Engage in a daring encounter with this intimate act.

  • URETHRAL SOUNDS DILATORS - Elevate sensory experiences with precision play.

  • Mommy and Daddy (ADULT BABY ROLEPLAY) - Enter a world of nurturing and care.

  • SELF FACIALS - Discover a realm of self-indulgence.

  • SEXTORTION - Succumb to the thrilling dynamics of coercion and desire.

  • STRAPPLAY/TOY PLAY (PEGGING) - Explore a spectrum of sizes for a tailored experience.

  • DOUBLE TEAM DOMINATION - Surrender to the intensity of dual domination.

  • SUFFOCATION - Experience controlled breath play for an exhilarating encounter.

  • FARTING -  * Refer to Rates for this unique and personalized experience.

  • SISSY/SLUT TRAINING PLAY - Transform and embrace a new persona.

  • CBT (Cock and Ball Torture) - Discover the art of sensual pain and pleasure.

  • CORPORAL PUNISHMENT - Surrender to the impact of exquisite discipline.

  • HUMAN FURNITURE - Explore the art of becoming a living masterpiece.

  • BRANDING -  * Refer to Rates for a unique V mark of ownership.

  • HIGH HEEL WORSHIP - Revel in the sensuality of heel worship.

  • TRAMPING - Experience the intense pressure of bare feet or heels.

  • PANTYHOSE/STOCKING WORSHIP - Dive into the allure of hosiery.

  • CONSENSUAL INTERROGATION KIDNAPPING ROLEPLAY - Engage in a thrilling narrative of intrigue.

  • HOT WAX - Experience the sensual dance of warm wax on the skin.

  • FEMINIZATION - Embrace the transformative journey of femininity.

  • ICE CUBE TORTURE - Explore the exhilarating sensations of ice play.

  • HUMAN DOG/PIG ROLEPLAY - Immerse yourself in a world of primal instincts.

  • CONSENSUAL FORCED INTOXICATION - Surrender to the intoxicating allure of consented intoxication.

  • SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION - Engage in playful and humiliating yet intense dynamics.

  • NIPPLE TORTURE - Experience the artistry of sensual pain.

  • MOUTH SOAPING - Surrender to the unique sensation of mouth soaping.

  • FORCED EATING OF FOOD - Indulge in a controlled culinary experience.- Experience the unique thrill of forced feeding.

  • SENSORY DEPRIVATION - Surrender to the all-encompassing experience of sensory deprivation.

  • FOOT WORSHIP FETISH - From caressing to licking, sucking, and massage, indulge in the spectrum of sensations. including dirty, sweaty, or stinky experiences.

  • HUMILIATION - Verbal, written, and physical forms of exquisite humiliation.

  • BONDAGE - Experience the art of restraint in a controlled and exhilarating environment.

  • SLAPPING - Submit to the stinging pleasure of skilled slapping.

  • SPITTING, DROOLING - Explore the intimate acts of spitting and drooling.

  • TICKLING - Bondage style or loose, tickling adds a playful element to your experience.

  • SPANKING - With hand, paddle, or whip, over the knee or otherwise.

  • GOLDEN SHOWER - Body or directly into your mouth, explore the depths of intimate watersports.

  • RACE HUMILIATION - Engage in consensual exploration of race dynamics.

  • PANTY FETISH (SCENT PLAY) - Dive into the captivating world of scent play with dirty, sweaty, or other options.

  • CROSSDRESSING - Embrace the transformative power of crossdressing.

  • SCENT PLAY - Immerse yourself in the intoxicating allure of scent play.

  • CUSTOM VIDEOS -  * Refer to Rates Capture your unique experiences with personalized solo or session videos.

  • BROWN (TOILET SLAVE) - * Refer to Rates for this unique and intense experience.

  • FISTING -  * Refer to Rates for the exploration of this intimate act.

  • RUBIES -  * Refer to Rates for a unique encounter.

  • SEXTING | PHONE SESSIONS *Refer to Rates

Our offerings are extensive, and if you don't find your desired fetish listed, simply inquire, as we cater to a wide range of preferences. Elevate your desires and explore the extraordinary with us.


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